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About Me

My name is : Bill

I’ve been servicing chimneys for 30 years+.  I started servicing chimneys to pay for school expenses at MONMOUTH UNIVERSITY.

I put myself through college working this business and finished with a Business Science Degree with Marketing Concentration. 

I went to College to honor my grandmother: Elizabeth B. Gresham.  My Nana went to RUTGERS COLLEGE at 50 years old, and finished to become a teacher.  She raised me and gave me the value of hard work and not asking for handouts.  The remarkable thing was, my Nana never drove a car.  Anyone who lives in New Jersey and has to work 14 miles away, knows what a challenge it is, to get to work; without a car.

My Nana is my inspiration, in getting past many challenge. 

No excuses!

I specialize in relining chimneys, and helping people who need their chimney repaired.  Most homeowners do not even know they have a chimney, if they do not see a fireplace or woodstove in their home. I educate men and women daily, on how to keep their home safe. Many people are not aware, their hot water heater and furnace usually vent through their chimney.  Many homeowners call me, when there’s an animal’s nest in their chimney or their terra cotta flue tiles collapsed and their carbon monoxide detector is blaring.

There are about 17,000 dryer vent fires a year.  Chimney sweeps help the Banking and Insurance Companies with reduced insurance claim payouts.

Chimney sweeps work with numerous cities and towns, to make sure fireplaces, furnace chimneys, hot water chimneys, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are working properly.  Recently, many cities and towns have changed to mandatory 10 year battery carbon monoxide/ smoke detectors requirements.  I fully agree with this new fire prevention code!

I also go one step further.  I recommend a 10 year carbon monoxide/ smoke detector unit (combo unit) on every level of your home, including basement.  I believe a combo unit should always be near your furnace and hot water heater!  Why wait for the carbon monoxide to get close to your bedroom, before an alarm warns you?  You want your family to have every last chance to be alive, and not leave it to chance.  Why gamble with your family’s safety?  If your furnace is in your attic, I believe a combo unit should be in your attic too.

Us chimney sweeps advise your family to have a 2nd story escape plan, too.  I recently lost a friend & former neighbor, who was the former Assistant City Manager of Asbury Park.  He died of smoke inhalation and the actual fire.  Luckily, the rest of his family got out. 

A chain ladder, may have saved his life!

I am committed to your family’s safety.

Use us, we have numerous satisfied customers.

My motto: The customer is always right.

I leave homes, much better than I found it and usually do an extra repair for free.  Whether, it is fixing a small crack next to your chimney, small crack  in your foundation or caulking around the flashing; this saves you money.

I believe in thanking my customers with value.

See you at the top,

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